Thursday, August 16, 2012

African Mango Extracts Review & Hot Deal

Hi there I wrote this article to discuss the African Mango and look at some of the health benefits and weight loss claims behind this supplement...

Basically, African Mango, also known as Bush Mango or Wild Mango, can only be found in the rain forests of West Africa, especially in Cameroon. The seeds of this fruit, called Dikka nuts, have been used by natives of Cameroon for centuries as medical remedies and appetite suppressants.

The scientific name of African Mango is Irvingia Ganensis, quite a mouthful, and there have been some research studies that have looked at the effects of an extract of African Mango known as IGOB131.

Here's a quick summary of these studies:

1) In a 4 week long study conducted on 40 overweight people, published in the Journal "Lipids in Health and Disease" in 2005, the subjects receiving 3.15 grams of the African Mango extract lost about 5.6% of their body weight, while the placebo group that received oat bran before meals only lost about 1% of body weight.

Recently presented on a very popular ABC medical show, African Mango has been proven highly effective as a weight loss agent, especially due to its extraordinary capabilities to raise the blood’s Leptin levels – Leptin being the hormone responsible with hunger and metabolic regulation.

There was also a 4 point drop in systolic blood pressure that was observed at the end of the study.

In another 10 week long study conducted on 102 overweight people, published in the same journal "Lipids in Health and Disease in 2009, the subjects receiving 350 mg of African Mango Extract lost 28 pounds. Moreover, body fat and waist circumference had also decreased significantly. Interestingly enough, LDL cholestrol and blood glucose were also lowered, pointing to the potential health benefits of consuming African Mango.

Moreover, this study also found that leptin levels decreased, which could indicate a decrease in fat cell growth. It also seems that African Mango extract increases overall sensitivity effectiveness of leptin, which aids with appetite suppression. Basically, this means we eat less food and feel fuller for longer periods of time.

When mouse cells are exposed to this extract, it seems to inhibit fat cell development, and although this isn't completely relevant to humans it could offer an explanation as to why African Mango extract seems to reduce bodyweight in men & women.

Now the big quesiton, will this supplement work for you?

Honestly, you won't know for sure unless you try it, but here are some tips to help increase the effectiveness of the supplement:

1) Try to take it with water 30 minutes before meals, as this was the procedure followed in the studies.

2) Take anywhere from 350 milligrams to 3 grams per day, focusing on getting as high quality of an IGOB131 extract as you can find.

3) No matter what, make sure to keep your overall calories lower and incorporate some exercise into your routine to maximize your chances of success.

The other thing I wanna mention is that Dr OZ, the famous tv show host, gave a very positive recommendation to this supplement, and since then its only grown in popularity.

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If it helps you lose weight quickly and improve your health, then you can continue to use it or simply discontinue and maintain your healthy lifestyle.
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